About Mark Alan Anderson

MARK ALAN ANDERSON is a multidisciplinary artist and visual arts educator.

I am a visual artist and writer, relying upon visual and verbal language to communicate stories about the human condition: how & where we choose to live.

I’m interested in “the mark.” A student of the world, I often find myself unconsciously doodling on any scrap of paper than happens to be at hand. The energy of those initial strokes of the pen intrigue me. I interpret these loosely sketched marks as a sort of fresh shorthand for bigger, broader narratives, a conversation if you will, only part of which we are privy to. I feel a gestural mark communicates more through simplicity than can be told by great detail.

In a sense, we’re all making marks, most of which are scrawled  upon the world and the people around us. I treasure those marks, those small moments and interactions, the every day ordinary, and the overlooked. I choose to pause for a moment to observe these encounters in search of the story fragment that is there if we but watch for it.



Gallery of sketches and paintings

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Urban Sketchers Kansas City



  1. RattleSnake · October 3, 2017

    You rock!

  2. Narasimha rao ch · January 2, 2018

    i just love your sketches.. They help me to get inspired.. Thanks.

    • azorch · January 2, 2018

      Thanks, and I’m happy to hear that you enjoy my sketches.

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