A little morning music.

21 May, 2019.

Saturday morning, and a bluegrass band is joyfully plucking and singing, five guys who call themselves the Flyin Buzzards Bluegrass Band, the omitted “g” an intentional thing. They all hail from different counties in this corner of the Missouri/Arkansas Ozarks. Sporting matching caps, t-shirts, and red suspenders, they work their way through familiar old standards, along the way tossing in a few less well known tunes. Stage jokes feel refreshingly unrehearsed and they clearly enjoy playing together, jostling one another in good natured way.

A flat bed trailer serves as a stage, the better to quickly move each act in and out with as little fanfare as possible at the Reeds Spring Cajun Days festival. Aside from a crawdad boil and bowls of red beans and rice, there’s little to identify this festival as “Cajun” – in fact, there’s nothing at all to distinguish this festival from any other small town weekend festival. But it’s a good excuse for the hard working locals to have a good time. And that is reason enough to lounge around a folding table under a tent to enjoy this morning of gumbo, crawdads, and blue grass.

Uni-Ball Vision pen and watercolor in Stillman and Birn sketchbook.



  1. lepastelbleu · May 21

    beautiful! and I love so much bluegrass music!

    • azorch · May 21

      These fellows were very good, and a lot of fun.

  2. Hummingbird · May 22

    I love Bluegrass. that is a great morning indeed!

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