It’s a dog’s life, sometimes.

20 May, 2019.

What a life! It’s tough to be a dog, especially after getting dragged down to the lake house for two days of sun and cool breeze. Someone has to keep the patio warm, am I right? The sun deck on the boat dock clearly needs guarded from invading geese and turtles and the occasional innocent water snake. And what’s the deal with people? Indoors? Sleeping? All night? There is, after all, a magnificent full moon shimmering across the cove. What better time to bark? It’s a real dog’s life.

Sleepily sketched with a Uni-Ball Vision pen in a Stillman and Birn sketchbook.



  1. Hummingbird · May 21

    Sleepily sketched. cute 🙂 Sounds like a great life to me.

    • azorch · May 21

      Ten more days until semester break, then I’ll have seven weeks to pursue sleepy sketches. 💤

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