Don’t throw stones. Please.

17 May, 2019.

I woke a few days ago with an idea for a house, a product of that strange and gauzy place between wakefulness and sleep. For my entire career I’ve been a designer, illustrator, and teacher – but never an architect. I’m very interested in the character of architecture, but would be guessing about engineering or structural aspects. In all likelihood, any building I designed would probably collapse. 

So, it was unusual, to say the least, that I could picture this (not quite so) tiny house with such clarity. I can say with confidence that a couple of relevant things were on my mind in the preceding days though: For one thing, every time I see one of those stories about tiny houses on social media I can’t help but click on the link to read and see more. The concept just fascinates me – and while there’s no way I’d find myself attempting to squeeze my life into one of these shoe box sized domiciles, the whole academic exercise of designing the thing intrigues me. I’d also seen another article about similarly small houses offered on Amazon. For about $7500, a kit is delivered to your door. With luck and a friend one could (supposedly) have a building constructed in its entirety in a single day. (Clearly, there had to be some Rubbermaid-esque modularity to these buildings, but I liked what I saw in the photos – as had many others, apparently: They were immediately sold out.)

Be that as it may, I had this idea in my head and I felt a need to get it onto paper, so here it is.

Uni-Ball Vision pen on copy paper. I used a perspective grid to introduce the extreme wide angle view.



  1. Michael Scandling · May 17

    And now for something completely different. I like it.

  2. Hummingbird · May 17

    Well, that abode would sit well up on a mountain top, or oceanside, with a fantastic view. And no one around to see in. You do not have to live in them, but you could design. I love the idea of those small abodes, and have seen many that are really nice! That roofline reminds me of something Asian in style? Anyway, I love dreams. 🙂

  3. Art-Chap-Enjoin · May 17

    As an architect…I’d say you have a career in architecture!

    • azorch · May 18

      My next career is going to be retirement! 😇

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