A bit of polish.

10 May, 2019.

A few days ago I made a quick sketch of this scene. The weird kite-like shape of the umbrella when viewed from this angle has stayed with me, so I decided to make a second, slightly more polished version of the sketch using gouache. The application of paint was intentionally a little sloppy and the shapes left mostly flat with minimal modeling. And I’ve taken quite a few liberties with what little I recall of the original colors.

I do remember that the umbrella was a bright lime green. I also know that I couldn’t get to that hue using my limited color palette. I debated changing it altogether, perhaps to a red or orange, but a five minute experiment with the scan in Photoshop convinced me neither option worked as well as the yellow does.

Gouache on white index card.



  1. Hummingbird · May 11

    I do mot even know what gouche is. I prob mispelled it too. Looks interesting!

    • azorch · May 11

      Gouache is an opaque water media – a little like tempera. It dries to a matte finish, so it was the paint many illustrators used because it didn’t have shiny reflections like oil. Gouache was largely replaced when acrylic was developed in the 60s. It seems be enjoying a resurgence in popularity at the moment.

      • Hummingbird · May 11

        Oooh. I will have to try it out on something!

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