One Week 100 People 2019

8 April, 2019. OK, so I jumped ahead a day – but my week is going to be busy and I get to define my own sketching time as I see fit. 🙂

Not to mention, that rather than one week, I actually did these sketches in one day.

The simple goal is: Draw 100 people in one week… but the real goal is PRACTICE. Not perfection. Every artist needs to sketch as much as possible, but we want to have fun and just stretch a little. Each of mine have somewhere between 20 and 90 seconds invested in sketching time. Thus, there’s perhaps ninety minutes of sketching investment here – and hey! No excuses: any of you can fit 90 minutes into your week. So go for it!

#oneweek100people2019 #oneweek100people #oneDAY100people



  1. Hummingbird · April 10

    Wow. But that looks too hard. (A slight whine might be heard. Lol) do the people have to be attractive and have all their limbs? Ha. I will attempt this! 🙂

    • azorch · April 10

      It’s not difficult, really. There’s not a ton of detail in each figure. I focus on making a quick gesture of someone that catches my eye in the crowd. Maybe they are only around long enough to catch the motion of their torso, so the head or arms comes from the next person to meander past. In this sketch, I started on the left side of the sketchbook and just worked my way across and down, overlapping occasionally and just filling the empty spaces with the people I observed, never spending much time with any one single figure. After a while it begins to look more detailed and much more complex than it actually is. Isolate any one figure and I think you’ll see what I mean.

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