No joking matter.

1 April, 2019. I was a very bored “plus one.” There I was, quite literally, at a crowded event not knowing one single person. I felt weary, and wondered why I’d agreed to tag along in the first place.

When I found my way to the bar it was almost empty, but minutes after claiming a stool the place was teeming with people. Friendly chatter filled the room; the growing clink of silverware and glasses meant everyone was getting served, and smiles around the bar told me everyone was happy. My mood, too, was improving.

I live in Kansas City, which means I live where barbecue is something of a religion. Average barbecue is no joking matter around here – we ardently believe this is the home of the best in the world, no matter what cooks in Texas and the Carolinas might say.

Happily, Jack Stack makes a mean barbecue. As I sipped a Dunkel and munched on excellent burnt ends, and chatted with the patrons seated both to my right and to my left, I discovered I was no longer bored, nor feeling quite so weary.

Good barbecue has that effect on me.

Uni-Ball Vision pen and Caran D’Ache crayons in Canton 180 sketchbook.


  1. Hummingbird · April 4, 2019

    When I lived in Kansas, we went to Kansas city on Christmas Eve. It was breathtaking, literally, because it was cold. lol but it was so beautiful, with the lamps decorated and the snow falling. Horses pulling carriages, truly magical. Except… no BBQ 🙂

  2. azorch · April 4, 2019

    The lights on the Country Club Plaza are wonderful. We like to just walk around those streets on a wintry evening, taking in the cold and the color of the lights.

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