Beach houses.

26 March, 2019. I’ve made up my mind that this visit will not be punctuated by tours or anything at all resembling a need to meet anything at all resembling a schedule. Indeed, I will simply wander, my only purpose: explore at a slow pace, and stop where I may.

I enjoy looking at the beach houses. They look like the kind of place one can cozy up next to a fire or laze about on a porch overlooking the water. I enjoy the variety of silhouettes each outline creates, and the oddness of a complete house resting upon stilts. I enjoy the many windows and imagine the light bathing each interior.

Diagonals contrast with horizontals: the horizontal nature of an island, of the ocean; the diagonals of roof lines and the wonky shadows created by the early morning sun.

Grays permeate the landscape, but are themselves polluted with a bath of pink, a wash of cerulean blue, violets, periwinkles, Terre verte.

In the afternoon, as the day warms, I head out on two wheels to enjoy a few hours of bike sketching: rolling along until something strikes my fancy, then stopping to sketch for a bit before once again rolling down the road.

Uni-Ball Vision pen and watercolor wash on Stillman and Birn sketchbook.



  1. Nadine · March 27

    Wow, these are beautiful! You could likely make a business of selling such house portraits to homeowners if you so chose!

    • azorch · March 27

      Oh, man – that sounds too much like work!

      • Nadine · March 27

        I know what you’re saying. I have the same problem. :))

  2. tellatale · March 27

    I agree that bikes are best. Nice work.

    • azorch · March 27

      It’s my favorite way to explore a place.

  3. John A. Hancock · March 27

    Handsome pieces, clean and simple yet rich with cogent detail. Glad you you had an unfettered art vacation.

    • azorch · March 27

      Unspoken for time is a luxury I don’t often have!

  4. Elizabeth Varadan · March 27

    These were beautiful. I like the black and white sketches as much as the painted-in color, but they were all beautiful. I find houses on stilts an amazing concept. Those stilts look wooden. I wonder how often the owners have to replace them.

    • azorch · March 27

      Those stilts really caught my eye also, especially because most of the houses are really, really big. The “legs“ look spindly compared to the bulk of the house. I was curious and took a little closer look at some of the structures that were under construction. It looked to me like those are actually concrete pylons reinforced with rebar. I’m thinking that they have wood, or something that is more weather resistant that looks like wood, on the outside of each leg.

  5. Elizabeth Varadan · March 27

    Ah. It creates a nice effect.

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