An unexpected companion.

13 March, 2019. Hiking along wet trails with a notion to sketch as I walked, I encountered an unexpected companion emerging from the woods, a curious and talkative soul. And while I made far fewer drawings than originally planned, I learned a lot about the 1834 stop Joseph Smith made over the adjoining hill and the cholera graves near the adjacent gully; about Jolly Wymore, the first victim of Jesse James in the first daylight bank robbery; and the train that had once run across the rail bed on which I now trod. Arrowheads and glaciated boulders, wounded veterans, and a hidden well spring, the depths of which are now cemented over. I saw many interesting trees as we strolled along a muddy path, but none – save this one – found their way into my sketchbook.

Brush pen loaded with Noodler’s Bulletproof Ink and Uni-ball Deluxe in a Canson 180 sketchbook.



  1. Elizabeth Varadan · March 13

    Gorgeous tree!

  2. Megan Pawlak · March 13

    It’s awesome that you were able to have such a fascinating conversation. You still did some great sketching though! Do you ever sketch people?

    • azorch · March 13

      Yes, actually I MOSTLY sketch people. 🙂 But the winter weather has forced everyone indoors, so drawing people and telling their stories has been curtailed until they begin to venture outside again. I’m heading to Galveston and warmer climes next week, so it’s a sure bet I’ll be getting some people sketches made then!

  3. Michael Scandling · March 13

    I don’t know whether I like you better as an artist or writer. I think it’s a tie. This post was a pleasure.

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