A day without color.

24 February, 2019. The day is black and white – no exaggeration at all. I look around me in search of any glimpse of color, but there’s none at all. The snow is over for now, replaced by rain and a little wind and a dense fog. Whatever hues are out there, they’ve all been subject to a gauze-like filter. Shapes are indistinct; objects simply disappear beyond a hundred yards or so. In between, everything else is a graphic halftone: this tree is closer to me and I can make out 60% of the monochromatic values, that tree is a bit further off and perhaps only a quarter of the tones are visible. Beyond that is a milky nothingness.

I know there are houses and more trees. A muffled bark, soft in the distance… from what direction? And close or far? It’s impossible to tell.

The top layer of snow is melting in the rain. Tomorrow brings sun, so maybe I’ll pull on my winter cycling gear, stuff a small sketchbook into my jacket, and wheel down the road for twenty or thirty miles.

Fude-tip fountain pen, Uni-Ball Signo white gel pen, Stillman and Birn gray Nova Series sketchbook; approximately 5 x 7 inch page size.


  1. Mystery's K9 Guardians · February 24, 2019

    I love your illustrations! You certainly have a lot of writing and artistic talents! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see what you illustrate next!

    • azorch · February 24, 2019

      Thanks for the kind words. Tune it tomorrow – I’ve included a short step-by-step for a nice little watercolor painting I made early this morning.

      • Mystery's K9 Guardians · February 24, 2019

        I’ve done a couple of them myself. I’m out of white paint or I would’ve had some more.

  2. Michael Scandling · February 24, 2019

    Ahhhh… I hear the silence again. And your writing is sublime.

  3. marandarussell · February 24, 2019

    Love it!

  4. Hummingbird · March 6, 2019

    wow. I love it so much.

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