There’s a stillness here.

20 February, 2019. Cool colors puddle, then spread, traveling through a clear sheen of water, landing with the softness of cotton. Paper, rough to the touch, is white – but not a pure white, there’s an honesty to the “off-ness,” a nod to the organic nature of fibers from which it comes. Still, hues glow a bit, transparency allowing the surface below to redouble a sense of saturation. There’s a stillness here, and I like it.

Watercolor on Arches 180# Coldpress.


  1. nila eslit · February 21, 2019

    I like this piece, too!

    • azorch · February 21, 2019

      I rather enjoy focusing on the graphic qualities.

  2. Michael Scandling · February 21, 2019

    Just enough. I hear that silence again.

    • azorch · February 21, 2019

      The first thing I thought upon revisiting this image after painting it was that it screamed out silence.

  3. lepastelbleu · February 21, 2019

    you made a masterpiece! it’s beautiful, breathtaking! bravo bravo bravo! I’m thrilled with your work!

  4. Elizabeth Varadan · February 21, 2019

    It’s incredible!

  5. azorch · February 21, 2019

    Thank you!

  6. beverlydyer · February 21, 2019

    Isn’t wonderful how color and line evokes such mood? Lovely!

    • azorch · February 22, 2019

      Indeed! Color, line, and space can sometimes be magical.

  7. The Observer · February 22, 2019

    Truly inspiring

  8. slightlyunnerved · February 22, 2019

    Beautiful work. This is such an evocative piece – thanks for sharing it.

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