Enough, already!

16 February, 2019. Enough is enough, Mother Nature! I get it: Snow is pretty. But I’m weary of the indoors. Sketching on location is catch-as-catch-can from the front seat of my car. Pulling over to the side of the road to scrawl a few marks onto paper is dicey – the roads are slick and every passing vehicle is a potentially unguided juggernaut.

And conditions evolve quickly. This morning the light changed too fast for me to keep up.

Back indoors, I continue to play around: yesterday evening it was made up landscapes, wet-in-wet washes, atmosphere, negative space. It’s a purely visual experiment but I feel I’m getting repetitive. I need to work on something different.

Enough, already! Mother Nature, you won’t foil me! I am heading out this afternoon, regardless of the conditions.



  1. Elizabeth Varadan · February 16

    I love these, especially the top two. They are wonderful.

  2. marandarussell · February 16

    LOL, I’m ready for spring!!! Love these artworks though!

    • azorch · February 16

      I walked around the town square for two hours this afternoon in the frigid cold, sampling different wines and (probably) compounding the cold I’ve been fighting this week. But it was worth it to get out of the house. I probably should’ve carried a sketchbook also, but I did not.

  3. lepastelbleu · February 16

    bellissimi! qui 18 gradi celsius…I love snow too…

    • azorch · February 16

      È stato freddo come -23.3C di recente. Oggi è -6,7 C, ma mi è comunque piaciuto passeggiare per la piazza del paese per una degustazione di vini.

  4. Nadine · February 17

    I love the bottom one, the made-up landscape. Beautiful!

  5. lepastelbleu · February 17

    I thought of you because I discovered really good markers, they are the Derwent graphic line maker, different shades (I use gray and sepia) I think you’ll like them very much, very close to your way of drawing

    • azorch · February 17

      I will have to try those out.

    • azorch · February 17

      Ha! As soon as I looked them up online I realized I actually have a small set of these markers already. I purchased them to use with students about two or three years ago because they are a little like the mechanical line widths of Rapid-o-graph pens. Some of my students felt like they ran out of ink faster than other pens, but liked the way they worked.

  6. The Observer · February 22


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