Silly things.

7 February, 2019. I do a lot of silly things. Despite the fact that the sun is shining and at the moment the outside world looks rather enticing, a windchill of 2F is still awfully damn cold. And drawing from the front seat of a car, regardless of how warm the heater, would appear to some as a patently silly thing to do.

But as originally noted, my tendencies do lean toward the silly.

Silly, as in drawing an abandoned house on the edge of town on a day so miserably cold the streets are almost literally empty.

Bent nib fountain pen and white Signo pen on Stillman and Birn Nova Series gray paper; Liberty, Missouri.


  1. moseskiriro · February 7, 2019

    So awesome

  2. Megan Pawlak · February 8, 2019

    I love the look of it, how it’s in shadow, but not, just like winter!

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