Urban Sketchers Symposium Correspondent

1 January, 2019. I’m very excited to finally be able to share the news that I’ll be traveling to Amsterdam this year as a sketcher-correspondent for the 2019 International Urban Sketchers Symposium!

The International Urban Sketchers Symposium is dedicated to fostering and celebrating the practice of on-location sketching in the host city. The event offers valuable field-sketching instruction and opportunities for participants to network and socialize. Following our spirit of “sharing the world, one drawing at a time,” we aim to bring the Symposium to new cities and countries every year. PortlandLisbonSanto DomingoBarcelonaParatySingapore Manchester and Chicago have hosted previous editions of the Symposium.

At the end of a highly competitive, rigorous selection process, three outstanding candidates were chosen to cover the Amsterdam symposium as correspondents: Mark Anderson(Liberty, Missouri, USA), Mariia Ermilova (Tokyo) and Gwen Glotin (Amsterdam). The USk Editorial Team and Executive Board are pleased to have selected a strong, committed team for the important volunteer role of reporting on the 10th annual USk Symposium. (Read more…)

Click here to learn more about Urban Sketchers

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