Handmade marks

9 November, 2018. I’ve recently been experimenting with the water-soluble wax pastels made by Caran d’Ache. Fun and interesting as they are, I feel like they’re worth keeping around. I’ve been pushing them a bit further each time I get them out and in fact feel like I’m starting to overwork the washes (below). To my eye, the scribbled lines in the example above has greater energy and feels less static. It’s also visually richer because the layering is more visible.

Plus, I simply like it better when you can see the marks. When I say “overworked,” what I mean is that the marks have been smoothed out, and what pleases my eye more is evidence of the artist’s hand, the handmade mark.




  1. Art-Chap-Enjoin · November 10

    I agree – the one at the top is fantastic

  2. lepastelbleu · November 10

    the first one is really beautiful, the color not watercolored leaves a beautiful sign while in the second I sincerely find the flaws that I do when I use the pastels Caran D’ache; I noticed that if the color becomes very wet, it becomes dirty, not transparent. In fact, however, they are pastels, not watercolors. have you ever tried to use the big colored pencils Stabilo “woody”? I find them magnificent, I use mostly black that is as intense as a Japanese ink

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