School’s out for summer…

31 May, 2017. Yes, school is out, and this art teacher is ready to relax with a pen in hand! A four-day weekend allowed ample time to simply scribble, much of that while I lounged on a boat dock nestled in amongst a grove of trees.

Time passes along at a completely different pace at the lake. I played around with cross contour lines to develop branches that had volume and exhibited a degree of foreshortening.

Watercolor might get added in a rather haphazard way. I made no promises to myself about what a sketch might turn out like, set no goals and predicted no outcomes. With no expectations in mind, I found my hours with the sketchbook refreshing.

My model was kind enough to sit without moving, turning a page from time to time. Alas! She eventually got up, walked up to the house, and began to rummage through the refrigerator for some cold, refreshing, and liquid libation. I stayed in my lounge chair and added color.

Taking a break from the lake one afternoon, we went out to explore some of the small Ozark towns to the south of us, across the border in Arkansas.

This act of exploration had me comparing one locale to another, and my sketchbook seemed like a good way to record my impressions along the way.

While far from convenient, from time to time I experiment with a dip pen. I saved an uninked sketch so I could test out a new ink I’m curious about. While it’s not permanent, it’s also not as readily reactivated with brush and wash as a Pilot Varsity pen is. (Unfortunately, that is sort of what I was hoping for.)

I’m not sure why, but I feel compelled to create some sort of whimsical cover design for each of my sketchbooks. Annabelle was conveniently at hand to act as a model for this cover.


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