Sketching Pamphlets

21 May, 2017. This is a pretty simple folded pamphlet – avoid the temptation to overthink things if you try it out for yourself!

So rather than buying sketch books, I make my own sketching “pamphlets.” These are lightweight, hand-constructed booklets that allow me to carry a thin, high quality, easy to carry sketching surface.

I begin with a standard 22 x 30 sheet of good quality watercolor paper. My favorite sheet for this purpose is Strathmore Aquarius II, which is very lightweight, relatively speaking, but doesn’t wrinkle or bow when you add washes of water and paint.

I’ll divide the sheet into four equal horizontal strips that measure approximately 7.5 x 22 inches. To keep from bulking up, I will only use three strips of paper for each booklet. Folding each in half to a 7.5 x 11 size, I’ll carefully crease the pages with a printer’s folding bone or a brayer. Sandwiching the three sheets together, I’ll then carefully stitch the centers together. At this point I will have an 11 x 7.5 inch book fold pamphlet. By carefully folding each 11 inch panel toward the center gutter, I will wind up with a double gatefold pamphlet. Although I refer to these as 5 x 7 booklets, it will actually measure closer to 5.5 x 7.5 inches.


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