Busy Weekend

6 March, 2017. Saturday afternoon marked the inaugural sketch out for our newly formed chapter of Urban Sketchers, Urban Sketchers Kansas City. We simply couldn’t have asked for a nicer day, or a better start. Meeting up on the south steps of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, it was encouraging to see that a large crowd of sketching and plein air enthusiasts had gathered. I was teaching a grad course in videography at the Kansas City Art Institute all weekend, so I gave my students the assignment to shoot short documentary videos of the event.

Because I was teaching all day and evening on Friday, and all day on Saturday and Sunday, my only opportunity to sketch came the following day, early on Sunday morning before my class met at 10:00. Parking my car in the KCAI lot, I arrived early and walked toward the Plaza to sketch, then wandered north toward the Westport area.

I field tested the two-point perspective tool I built recently and was pleased with how quickly I can block in believable architectural forms. Start to finish, this was penciled and then inked in less than half an hour. Not that the speed is all that important (especially since I feel this one looks rushed), but it’s an interesting point of reference.

I was mostly focused on drawing, and only threw a few splashes of color into this side street location sketch.

Further up the hill is the old Katz Drug, now in a terrible state of repair and empty. The building has always fascinated me and I still vividly recall wandering the packed aisles in search of stuff that never got found. Our studio at one time was located just across the street from Katz, so it was conveniently located, if not conveniently stocked and organized!

This week I’ll take on the challenge of 100 people in one week, which I’m really looking forward to doing. Today is Monday, so I need to get my pen moving pretty quickly!

(Sketches made in Kansas City, Missouri with a Lamy Safari Medium Nib fountain pen, Noodler’s Beaver ink, a water brush and minimal watercolor wash; paper is Strathmore Aquarius II watercolor paper.)



  1. 28pwilson · March 6, 2017

    Thank you for being on the USkKC admin team. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, energy and especially your time. I believe we are off to a great start. Several people remarked to me they had been looking for a group ‘like this’ to sketch with!

    Next post I hope you take some photos of your 2pt. Perspective tool you made. 😉

    • azorch · March 6, 2017

      Peggy, as I typed out those words I thought to myself how much sense it would have made to include a photo and some information about the perspective tool. So shame on me! (Although I plan to be hitting the 100 people in a week thing pretty hard over the next few days, I promise to dedicate a post just for this neat little tool.)

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