BikeMo 2016

3 September, 2016. What a beautiful day for a ride through Rocheport, Boonville, and the surrounding hills, farms, and countryside, This year’s BikeMo Ride was followed by live music, wine, and a very welcome ice cold beer, all at the winery finish line atop the bluffs overlooking the Missouri River. Yeah, baby!

I didn’t make nearly as many ride sketches this year as I did last August, and I didn’t even get around to inking my pencil sketches until today, an entire week later. (Rocheport, Missouri; Lamy Safari medium nib fountain pen and watercolor wash.)



  1. kslibi · September 22, 2016

    Oh. I love your blog! How many people have told you today that you are one cool person? Well, please allow me to be another. You are COOL! Keep sketching and keep riding! ❤

    • azorch · September 22, 2016

      Well, I tell that to myself pretty much all the time. Does that count? 🙂

      • kslibi · September 22, 2016

        You bet it counts! 😀 I cycle and live in Overland Park. My daughter just completed a Fine Arts degree with the University of Chicago. I’ve shared your blog with her as well. Do you ever sell your bicycle artwork or sketches, because I would certainly be interested!

  2. azorch · September 22, 2016

    I sell prints. My sketches are generally bound in sketchbooks or are part of a concertina-fold sketching pamphlet. And actually, thirty-two prints will be hung tomorrow and will be on exhibit for about the next eight weeks at the GCC Gallery in Gladstone. The show is called “Just Sketching,” and they will have information about purchasing prints, or you can always contact me directly if there is an image in particular that you’d like. Prints of many of the sketches that appear on this blog are available on heavy plate-finish paper. (I realize that’s more than a little precious, but they do look good on the stuff.)

    • kslibi · September 22, 2016

      Very Cool! Thank you so much for the information. All the best journeys ahead.

    • kslibi · September 23, 2016

      I just want to make sure I have this correct. That’s at the Gladstone Community Center, and hours for the exhibit would follow the center’s hours? I re-read my comments and can’t believe I used the “cool” word so much ~ I got pretty excited and forgot my big words. 🙂 I’m planning to be there.

  3. azorch · September 23, 2016

    Yes, the gallery is in the great hall near the main entrance. If you’ve never been there before, it’s a pretty neat common space with a small permanent collection of regional artist and a rotating exhibition space. (I wish more community centers and civic areas included exhibition space in their floor plans. Gladstone had a lot of foresight.) We’re not planning an opening reception for this exhibition – the work will go up without any fanfare, which I think is appropriate for small sketches. I think they’ll be on exhibit for about eight weeks, through mid-November if I recall correctly.

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