Let it bleed… some more…

13 July, 2016. It was a rainy early afternoon, so I played around some more with the “bleedy” characteristics that happen when Noodler’s Beaver ink gets re-wetted when used to draw on Aquarius II watercolor paper. In yesterday’s blog posting I shared how I’m experimenting with an ink that reactivates when wetted – in other words, it’s not permanently fixed once the line is placed on the page. I’m just a little bit smitten with everything about this – the color of the ink, the softened lines when wetted, the combination of wash and line, and the charming “sketchiness” of the whole darned thing. And I really like that it takes advantage of two things I already to with my sketches. Specifically…

I enjoy keeping my line work loose and interpretive. This¬†combines surprisingly well with…

…simple watercolor washes of color.

The two approaches combine to create a nice, loose drawing. I hate it when sketches feel “too precious” or overworked. This has the potential to leave a lot up to the imagination of the viewer. I’d really consider myself a success if I could master that essence. (Watercolor wash, Noodler’s, dip pen on Strathmore Aquarius II paper. Sketches are approximately 5 inches wide.)


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