Brilliantly Colored Black and White

10 July, 2016. I’m riding through an older neighborhood in our small town this morning. The area is a little rundown, but not profoundly so. When the morning sun crests the roofs of the homes immediately opposite my location just enough, the porch on the house to my right simply lights up. The visual is striking enough that I’ve been compelled to stopped and photograph it several times in the past. Sooner or later I knew I would need to scribble down my impressions of the place on a piece of sketch paper. I guess today was the day to do just that.

It seems odd to describe a subject that relies almost entirely on color by using black lines to tell the visual story. But my pen is the tool readily at hand, and to be frank I’m enjoying my ride. I’m hesitant to interrupt that enjoyment for any length of time, and a brush pen makes short work of the basic composition. Meanwhile, my iPhone Notes app records my observations of color. If I decide to pursue this further then I’ll be inventive.

All of the siding everywhere on this house is a sort of medium Indian Red color that contrasts against bright white trim – everywhere except the porch. The porch is a luminous Lemon Yellow Light that glows in the morning sunlight. This morning’s sky is an intense Cobalt Blue, a color that is also reflected in the windows. The roof is a dark slate color, but it’s a warm hue rather than the very cool I typically associate with slate…perhaps a Van Dyke Brown? The shadows are warm, but I would possibly paint them with a cool cast of Quinacridone Violet. The cane chairs are Yellow Ochre, and the small sliver of grass that constitutes the front “yard” is a brilliant green which is a bit cooler than, say, Sap Green. (Liberty, Missouri. Approximately 5 x 7 inches on Aquarius II, using Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.)


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