Mackinac Island

18 June, 2016. I’ve wanted to visit Mackinac Island for years. A place where there are no cars? Awesome! The island is a special and particularly beautiful place of horses and buggies, Victorian houses, and wooded hills. Sitting comfortably in a rocking chair on the wraparound porch of our B&B, I had a terrific view of a park and buildings on a lush, green hill. Our house is situated right on the shore with an incredible view of the harbor, particularly wonderful at sunset. I realize how ironic it must sound to write such a thing, given that none of my sketches included color. But the fact of the matter is that I was traveling light, and the only drawing tools I carried in my bike bag were a Kuretake brush pen and a drawing pamphlet.

The drive up to Lake Michigan was about 900 miles for us. We stopped on the way to visit Sleeping Bear Dunes – and wow! What a wonderful place for artists to visit.

What I knew about the state of Michigan before heading north was next to nothing. Discovering the land around Mackinac and the Upper Peninsula was an eye opening experience. It’s simply perfect for bicycle touring, and it’s picturesque to an extreme. (Kuretake No. 40 brush pen on Strathmore Aquarius II watercolor paper.)


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