Sketching Everywhere

8 May, 2016. Really, there’s not a lot to say about these sketches. It was early morning on Mother’s Day and I hit the road on my bike just as the sun was cresting the horizon. The morning was cool, but thick with a fair amount of moisture in the air. Because of that I left the watercolor kit at home and stuck to pen and sketch paper. Both sketches were made from the same location, the only difference being my vantage point: the top sketch was facing the rising sun in the east, the bottom sketch was my view to the southwest.

I once met a plein air painter who authoritatively claimed he could be plopped down without any thought whatsoever, in any location whatsoever, and proceed to make legitimate paintings. I love that idea, quite frankly. Philosophically, I feel that the design is out there, everywhere, just waiting to be identified and sketched. Not precious, at all – neither here nor there, but literally everywhere. (Lamy Safari medium nib in Canson 180 sketchbook, approximately 5 x 7 inches.)


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