Accordion-fold sketchbook

20 March, 2016. Well, it’s Spring Break. No school for ten days and I plan to not waste this opportunity to get some sketching and painting in. I cut up a full sheet of 180# Arches Cold Press watercolor paper to make some accordion-fold sketch pamphlets. I was curious to see how the brush pen worked on this surface in the field.

I’m really not crazy about the brush catching on the surface, without the typical economical line work I prefer. This surface that I like so much for watercolor painting simply isn’t “slick” enough for my style of brush work. I’d far rather let the point of the brush slide around a lot more casually, instead of having to work back and forth over the same line, over and over and over again just to make it apparent. I don’t like how much this feels like a coloring book instead of the gestural nature of a sketch.

But – of course! – the watercolor washes lay down nicely on this paper. I’m going to give things another try tomorrow with hot press paper instead. There’s got to be a way to get nice washes and still have a velvety surface for the lines. (Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary, Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and watercolor wash on 180# Arches Cold Press.)


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