Catching up.

5 March, 2016. Well, so much for making this a “daily” sketch journal. Things have been more than a little hectic and while I’ve managed to squeeze in a little time for sketching, updating this journal has been more than I could fit into my week. The sketches themselves are a disjointed group, so it’s fitting, I suppose, that they get posted here as a kind of representation of my jumbled week.

Several days ago, we took our drawing students to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art to learn first hand what expressive painting looks like. Following that visit, groups of art students fanned out to conduct photo research of the architecture in the surrounding area. (We’ll be exploring that subject matter in class later this month.) Even though The Country Club Plaza commercial district has what is described as a “Spanish influence,” there are a variety of styles in evidence, most of which is very decorative in nature, and highly ornate. It’s an urban sketcher’s paradise, to be quite frank.

Speaking of art students, I’ve really been enjoying sketching them as they learn about easel painting these past weeks.

I can’t believe how “into it” they’ve become, how engaged they are with easel painting. I wonder if they’ll be as focused when the weather improves and we move outdoors to work on location?

Working on location with a sketchbook is a natural for me. I give myself permission not to worry myself about how realistic my sketches are, or concern myself with a sketch that takes just a few minutes to scribe in comparison to another in which I manage to get lost in the details.

Because my days have been so busy, I’ve had little time to be out cycling. No cycling means no bike sketching, and that’s been a frustration for me.

And just for fun I scribbled a quick caricature of a fairly dour looking woman when we dined out the other evening.


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