Valentine’s Day at Jax

15 February, 2016. We sat at the bar in Jax Fish House and Oyster Bar for Valentine’s Day. The place was already hopping at 4.00, despite our early evening/late afternoon arrival. Jostling through the crowd, we found a couple of stools at the end of the oyster bar and nestled in, ordering libations and – of course – oysters on the half shell. The fellow shucking oysters moved to the gumbo station almost as soon as I’d placed a few lines on the page, so my sketch is a composite of him and two other guys shucking. Out of four pages of sketches, that was the only one I used graphite to lay down construction lines on – the others are my favorite way of sketching: direct ink, without the security blanket of pencil lines.

The oysters and a platter of calimari quickly consumed and a second chilled glass KC Bier Dunkel at hand, I began to use the wait time for dinner for sketching the bar area. By the time we came to realize the order had been misplaced, I’d literally run out of ink and had resorted to a sort of dry brush technique. And because they had lost our order in the melee, our meal was comped and I had an extra 40 minutes of sketch time. (Pentel Pocket Brush Pen in Canson 180 sketchbook.)


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