Sketching at the library

13 February, 2016. Man, sometimes the sketches just seem to work and other times they simply don’t happen at all. The last couple of pages show line work that really flows, and I’ve been feeling pretty good about using the brush pen. And then all of a sudden I hit a patch where my hand is too tight, I know I need to loosen up and can’t, and the line work seems labored. So it was on my library visit, with only a single page that seemed to work…well, it kind of worked. The first page (seen on the left) was initially rushed when it shouldn’t have been, the proportions were all jacked up and I wound up continuing to scribble until there was nothing left to “fix.” The lady carrying the dog around the place loosened up a lot more, but there’s no “energy” in the drawing – I like the composition enough though, that I may redraw it to see if I can pull out some of the verve that’s missing. Another two page pencil that I thought had a lot of promise went totally dead in ink. I’m not even sure what happened: the lines have the sort of restraint that I strive for but as a whole the pages just fell apart. No continuity or harmony. In an attempt to save it, I added some watercolor wash but now it feels too much like a page from a coloring book. Consider that attempt some sort of lesson, forget about the drawing, and move forward. (I’m too embarrassed to reproduce it here, but you can see the wash bleeding through the reverse side of the sheet. Ugh.)

Back to the lady with the dog. Okay, I get it that one of the librarians gave me the evil eye when I whipped out my watercolor kit. (I also put it away after about 90 seconds to avoid what appeared to be a near confrontation.) But what the hell? The dog gets carried around the library with impunity? Guess I’m just chopped liver. (Pentel Brush Pen in Canson 180 sketchbook.)


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