No customers, glad I have a pen with me…

10 February, 2016. Parent teacher conferences tonight. Yes, as a matter of fact I would sincerely love to conference with a parent or two. I’ve cleaned the art room. Graded artwork. Returned email messages. Organized a couple of storage shelves. Turned on my Louis Armstrong Pandora station. Practiced drumming on the table with my finger tips. Ate a chocolate chip cookie.

Because – as usual – no parents are actually showing up.

Over the past three hours I’ve had one single “customer.” Thank goodness I had the foresight to throw one of my France sketchbooks into the satchel, along with a brush pen. Otherwise time would be passing by incredibly slowly. Page by page, I’m inking the most promising of the rough pencil sketches I made last June.

Now, if only it were 8:30.

(Pentel Brush Pen in Canson 180 sketchbook.)



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