Market sketches

10 February, 2016. I love sketching at farmer’s markets because one encounters so many different people. Usually – as was the case when I roughed in a likeness of this woman – the pencil rough was incredibly rushed. (While it’s not apparent after inking, the pencil was a few blocked in lines and some gestural marks.)

Maybe there’s a few seconds, or if one is lucky a few minutes, to capture a very general likeness before the subject is gone, disappearing into the crowd. Sometimes they notice you sketching them and they disappear even more quickly and entirely. The real difference between a market location and a restaurant is that I usually have the luxury of sketching in ink at the restaurant, because my subject is stationary for the length of dinner. Market sketches like these get inked later, the details get filled in from a very faulty memory – so thank goodness for having a decent understanding of facial anatomy… that way the blanks get filled in believably!

I penciled this in very roughly last June, and then nearly as roughly inked it last night as I sat in my armchair and ruminated about warmer weather, farmer’s markets, traveling, and cogitated an excellent glass of Bordeaux.

Normally my page notes tell me the date and location where this was sketched, but somehow I neglected to include that information. So this is somewhere in Burgundy, sometime in June 2015. (Ink was with a Pentel brush pen; pencil was done last summer in France. I’m just getting around to inking some of those sketches during these months of January and February.)


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