Taking care of old business.

18 January, 2016. It’s a cold day in January – damn cold, in fact. I have absolutely no desire to be outside, despite the fact that I’ve no classes scheduled for today. I wanted to – correct that: I needed to be drawing this afternoon, but there’s simply no way I’m heading out to find people to sketch when the thermometer is thirty-two degrees below freezing. Zero, man! This is Mother Nature’s way of reminding me how it felt when we lived in Alaska. (Another correction: despite what the thermometer might indicate, Missouri always feels colder than Alaska.)

To keep myself from going stir crazy, I’ve pulled out my sketchbooks from last summer’s trip to France. Several pages were roughly penciled in, so I decided to ink them today. (Pentel brush pen, Lamy Safari medium nib, Canson 180 sketchbook.)

I distinctly remember coming around a corner in Burgundy and seeing this couple sharing coffee. I still couldn’t tell you what indicated to me they were tourists, but I was immediately convinced of the fact. Even more, I was certain they were on their honeymoon. Hey – I frequently imagine such things about people I’m sketching: I imagine their back story and even their character. It was fun revisiting these people I never saw again, recalling precisely “who” I imagined them to be: back then, as I quickly sketched them out in pencil; today, as I inked those lines. (Approximately 4 x 4 inches)

Surprisingly, there were few other artists to be seen in Alsace, Burgundy, and even Paris. Curious, huh? On this day though, I was not the lone traveler armed with pen and sketchbook. (Approximately 4 x 4 inches.)



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