Shadow play.

3 January, 2016. My new toy is a Pentel brush pen. Until now, none of the brush pens I’ve used seemed worth a good goddam. This pen hasn’t been used enough to render an opinion one way or the other, but I haven’t tossed it into a drawer yet – and that’s more than I can say for all previous comers. To be clear, this isn’t as handy as my Lamy Safari medium nib fountain pen or a Pilot Varsity, either of which I will carry for daily use in my sketchbook. I’m pretty leery about adding anything whatsoever to the small kit I carry with me in the first place. Honestly, a black ballpoint and a pencil are more than satisfactory; the fountain pens are my first string team though.

I’ll play with this Pentel a bit more and perhaps – but only perhaps – I’ll consider it for special purpose duties. Drawing or writing with it forces me to modify my strokes, pressure, and even the angle at which I hold the pen pretty significantly. Thus, it isn’t nearly so intuitive to use as the Lamy, and therefor the line work isn’t nearly as fluid. But there are some nice qualities to the halftone areas that intrigue me a little, and that’s a plus. We shall see. (Pentel brush pen in Aquabee sketchbook, approximately 5 x 7 inches.)


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