New Year’s Day Sunrise

1 January, 2016. This is a lightning fast sketch – man, the light was changing fast! Nevertheless, the dramatic shadows across the snow caught my attention as the sun crested the horizon this first morning of 2016. The sketch doesn’t do the location justice: it’s just a fleeting glimpse, but I was happy to be there to see it happen.

By the way, I go through stages where I simply do not have the patience to paint in watercolor on location. This morning was one of those times. Despite the chill, water dried too fast on the shadows leaving them with a sketchy appearance – which bugs the living hell out of me. Also, those blues are a little too blue – they should have the tiniest bit of violet in ’em and that also have me reacting in an OCD sort of way. I know it’s silly to get hung up on a fifteen minute sketch, but there you have it folks: I sometimes do.

For some reason, painting in oils – well, oils never affect me the same way. I know up front when I’m painting en plein air with oils that I’ll be on location for about an hour or so, start to finish. Perhaps because I’m already working on some sort of internal timer to begin with, I’m more self-forgiving.

OK, enough with the psychoanalysis already. Time to check the forecast to see if I can spend more than fifteen minutes outdoors painting today. (Watercolor in Moleskin watercolor journal, Clay County, Missouri.)


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