8 July, 2015. I’m still making scans and locating iPhone snaps of the sketches coming out of our recent foray through the regions of Alsace and Bourgogne.

I tend to sketch in layers. Usually, I’ll either go directly to ink or – as in this case – rough in gestural shapes with a graphite holder. If I plan to include a caption or text, I’ll try to design the page to accommodate those elements as I did here. A key objective for me is to keep the line work loose and fresh, and avoid overworking things. Sometimes I’m successful. I find that the Lamy Safari fountain pen has helped me to do this: the flow of ink is smooth and the lines are not spidery thin.

Loose washes of watercolor were added later, off site. (Chateauneuf, Bourgogne)

I’m torn these days. Color is attractive and adds another dimension to my sketches, but I very much feel pulled toward the simplicity of line.




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