Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary

7 June, 2015. I felt like wandering afoot, but to be perfectly honest I did not feel energetic enough to wander very far. Not far from my house is a nice little patch of green, Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary. Roaming the paths one feels quite alone. The foliage is generally close, even in the fields. The canopy is dense and cool on hot, humid days in July and August. The Sanctuary is cut in half by a small brook which on this day is actually quite deep due to the recent flooding rains.

Yesterday’s sketching took place along Truman Road, in a rundown neighborhood adjacent to downtown Kansas City. I normally enjoy drawing rundown places, but the spot I chose was so forlorn and sad that I felt a need to seek out the solace of nature. Lamy Safari medium nib and watercolor wash.

Shoal Creek Living History Museum

2 June, 2015. I spent the afternoon wandering around the Shoal Creek Living History Museum in Hodge Park, just outside Liberty, Missouri. I had the place nearly to myself and meandered around sketching the various historical buildings with my Lamy Safari and occasionally using my watercolor travel kit.