Sketching via bike

31 May, 2015. I’ve passed the old Presbyterian Church hundreds of times on my bike. Although I’ve stopped on more than a couple of those rambles to sketch out the structure, I’ve never been very happy with the arrangement until now. It turns out that it’s important to create a sense of place, which I’ve previously neglected to do. I’ve also allowed the bell tower to sway me into a vertical motif. Moving to a position behind the building made me realize that the horizontal arrangement was better and more interesting.

I decided to try a quick watercolor wash over the inked lines. I haven’t tried this before in the Canson sketchbook because the paper is a bit thin and, frankly, I really like how the lines lay down on the sheet. I’m a bit less than thrilled at how the pigment takes to this paper; with dedicated watercolor paper I can work with sloppy washes, spatters, and blooms of paint. The pigment comes out looking a lot like a coloring book on this paper. I doubt very much that I’ll be adding any more color to this book – at least not while I have Moleskin watercolor journals available!

Although today’s ride took me pretty far afield – just a little shy of 80 miles – I wound up doing all of my sketching in one location, literally a mile and a half from my front door. This house is located immediately across the street from the church illustrated at the top of the post. I have to say that I have really learned to love the Lamy Safari pen and the way it allows me to freely lay down lines.


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