Harlem, Missouri

12 April, 2015. Wow, what a sad little neighborhood. In the back of my mind I sorta knew there was an area called “Harlem” in Kansas City, but until yesterday it never really registered beyond that inkling. Turning under a bridge and cutting along the levee from the downtown airport, one encounters an area seemingly bereft of history, hidden from sight and simply forgotten – much as I’m presuming many residents are as well. (Surprisingly, I found out this is where the outlaw Frank James was born.) Out of curiosity I looked up the neighborhood online, only to discover some startling statistics as compared to the surrounding city proper. Driving through, it seems like an especially lonely place to live. I confess that it took me really looking around to discover anything I wanted to draw.

How sad that we are blind to places like this. (Kansas City North/Harlem; Lamy Safari medium nib in Canson sketchbook.)



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