New painting tools

22 March, 2015. I’ve (temporarily) added a couple of Sakura water brushes to my travel kit. So far, the jury is out for me on these. In principal they sound great – carry a brush, carry water in the handle…neat system! Well, not so much, it turns out. For me, at any rate, I find that I still need a cup of water to rinse the brush out. Without that necessity I am discovering that the Sakura water brushes limit me by discouraging the mixing of pigment. (Dirty brushes result in dirty color.) I don’t like applying “pure” color – it feels too much like a kids coloring book.

One person sent me the following suggestion: “Here is how to clean the brush so you can pick up a new color without contaminating it… Have a paper towel in your non dominant hand… hold the brush over the towel and qently squeeze so one drop comes out, and then wipe the brush back and forth on the towel to clean. Now you can go to the next color. Easy peasy.” I tend to believe the simplest solutions really are the best ones, so I’ll give this suggestion a try over the next couple of days to see how it works for me. I’ve a watercolor workshop beginning soon, so the timing is excellent to introduce something new to my students. (Sakura Water Brush and various brands of half pan watercolors)

It’s really tough to beat great weather that arrives so early in the year! People are out and about, walking kids and babies and dogs – I even saw a weird, long legged cat of some sort on a leash. Shorts and t-shirts hold promise of even nicer days to come. What a day!

I quickly scribbled numerous gestural drawings of people, then got about two minutes to capture this mom and baby, when she paused on her walk to take in the fountains. (Lamy Safari medium nib)


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