Day at the Museum.

22 February 2015. The day is cold. I’ve tried to sketch outside, but nothing doing so I head to the museum. I didn’t feel like drawing architecture anyway, and this gave me the opportunity to rough out some figure studies. Speaking of rough, I always need a little warmup to keep my people sketches from being too literal and stiff and – well, rough. Pilot Varsity pen in Canson sketchbook. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri.


I tried to locate a decent vantage point to sketch the water tower yesterday and completely failed. Today I returned, found a slightly better spot, got it sketched out – and then discovered I was trespassing. Well, it was too damn cold to be drawing out of doors anyhow!



8 February, 2015. Bike sketching: I think it’s kind of fun to explore unknown roads, even when they dead end. Where do they go? Where do they lead? And what marvels lie beyond the gates? (Lamy Safari medium nib; Kansas City, Missouri)

Animated Conversation.

5 February, 2015. I took my design students to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art today as part of the New Dimensions Program. They’re learning the basics of stop frame animation – a traditional foundation before we dive head first into the world of digital animation. I love how quickly they morphed into directors, camera operators, script writers, and editors. The best part were those terrific moments when they began to solve set design problems with creative and innovative solutions. (Kansas City, Missouri; Pilot Varsity pen)

Blow wind, blow.

1 February, 2015. When it’s cold and the ground is covered with snow and slush and gunk, when the winds are gusting over 40 mph – well, that’s when one sits in the car to sketch, rather than sitting on the hood of said car watching as Mother Nature blows the pages of the sketchbook down the wet, slick streets of the East Bottoms. (Kansas City, Missouri – Lamy Safari medium nib, Noodler’s, watercolor in Canson watercolor journal.)

Lamy Safari medium nib