2 January, 2015. Have I ever mentioned that I really love sushi? My youngest son couldn’t care less about it, though he does consider the Japanese grill to be a real treat. “Bob” yells “Wasabi!” at him when we walk through the doors at Fuji. Bob, I think, must own the joint. Regardless, he is a very charismatic chef with a ready laugh and a big grin. He flings shrimp at patrons with an gleeful abandon that would be alarming in any other circumstances, and little kids get frosted cakes catapulted in the general direction of their mouths…well, maybe only marginally close to their mouths.

I love the various rolls, but my draconian dietary restrictions limit the amount of rice I can each, so it’s sashimi for me on this visit – tuna, yellow fin, crab, and octopus, plus a bowl of miso soup. (Lamy medium nib, approximately 7 x 5 inches, in a Canson sketchbook.)


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