Demonstration – ink and watercolor

17 September, 2014. This is a quick demonstration piece that I created today. I began with a pencil sketch that I’d previously made. Today, I inked in the line work (1), keeping my marks loose and somewhat energetic. Noodler’s ink takes a while to dry, so I hurried things along with a blow dryer on high heat. Next (2), I laid down a loose wash of color. I sprayed the paper to get it damp first, then mixed up yellow ochre and quinacidrone red for the flesh. The cooler blues and greens were placed to contrast with the warm skin tones. A bit of local color (3) was added as the paint began to dry back. I also used a clean, slightly damp brush to lift out some of the lighter areas and to create a little edging. Finally (4), I shaped some of the shadows with cool mixtures, added a bit of sloppy splash in places, and looked for ways to add depth.


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