BBQ Bust

29 June, 2014.

It was lunch time. I was hungry and craving barbecue (again.) Kansas City has the best barbecue (and most) in the world. Don’t argue with me if you’re from Texas, Carolina, or Kentucky – you are simply uninformed and, thus, ignorant of the virtues of Kansas City barbecue (and don’t EVEN bring up the whole St. Louis nonsense.) There was a barbecue joint just down the road from the Art Institute. I would be happy to let this one relocate to St. Louis. Or Kentucky. Or Texas.

Probably I should have warned this poor, ignorant, unsuspecting couple instead of drawing their likenesses on a blank page of my sketchbook. As Dame Fortune would have it, I noticed in the parking lot that their license plates were from Texas, so clearly they never knew the difference. No sense in wasting good barbecue on atrophied taste buds. 🙂


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