Every road…

I like to carry a sketchbook – just scraps of watercolor paper, really – with me when I ride. These were scrawled out with a Pilot Varsity in rural Clay County, Missouri whenever I’d stop for a break along my meandering route, no firm destination in mind.

St Patrick’s Day

My rest stop provided me with a welcome opportunity to warm up cold fingers, lean the bike up against a tree pleasantly surrounded by verdant green moss, and quickly rough out this sketch in pencil. The air was chill, and so too my fingers it seems: I waited until I returned home to ink in the pencil lines!

Windy day

I rode off into the hills early yesterday afternoon to get in a few hours of exercise and to enjoy the (relatively) nice weather. It’s still early in the season and my “hill legs” have atrophied somewhat after a winter of lethargic television watching, so I was looking forward to coming back down to the river bottom farmlands to enjoy a nice ten mile section of flat road. Alas! It was not the relaxing ride I sought! Flying down a long, steep hill, I came around the final turn that exposed me to the farmland adjacent to the Missouri River. There – with no windbreaks or trees or anything else to interfere – the headwinds hit me full on, and my speed dropped decisively. It was here, I decided, that I would stop to sketch for a while. (Rural Clay County, Missouri)